The Tzimisce Voivodate


The Voivodate was the loose conglomeration of Tzimisce domains near their ancestral home by the Carpathians during much of the later age of Rome, the Long Night and the War of Princes.


From the seventh century on, the local Fiends assembled their influence, ruling remorselessly over the mortal population with a combination of fear, superstition, ghouling of the local nobility and hordes of szlachta ghouls. Each Tzimisce who was in charge of his own domain would claim the title voivode, powerful and ancient landholders, who had given fiefs to selected childer, had called themselves knezi. The Voivodate was nominally ruled by the Voivode of Voivodes, originally Tzimisce himself, who later passed on the title to his childe Yorak, who later appointed a number of successors, the last one being Vladimir Rustovitch, but in effect, every Voivode was his own master, answerably only to his sire. As a result, the Voivodate was fractured and many Tzimisce focused solely on their own rivals and battled each other for supremacy. Only the constant Lupine threat and, for a time, the feud between the Voivodate and the Obertus Tzimisce from Constantinople would unite them.

This all changed when the Tremere usurped immortality in their chantry Ceoris, which is seated within the Carpathians. The Omen War raged without mercy during the nights, but each Tzimisce mistrusted his clanmates, fighting only when his own domain was threatened and engaging the warlocks in solitary missions, sometimes even betraying their rivals to the Usurpers in order to carry out their ancient hatreds. When the Burning Times began, the Tzimisce Elders gladly sacrificed their childer in order to buy them time, fueling discontent against themselves that eventually boiled down in the Anarch Revolt.

The Tzimisce Voivodate

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