Prince Rudolph Brandl

Ventrue Prince of Prague.


The reigning Prince of Prague. Born as the third son of a german nobleman, Rudolf Brandl was trained as a knight. With his good looks and obsequious personality, Rudolf managed to insinuate himself among a group of knights and nobles who outranked him, but allowed him to accompany and fawn on them. After a drinking session with his friends, Brandl was attacked in the night by a stranger who sank his teeth into his thoat and killed him. Later, he awakened, his sire apologizing for his apparent lack of control and instructing him in the ways of the Kindred over the next years. Grateful that he was Embraced into the true elite of the world, Rudolf did all he could to please his sire.

After his embrace, his sire Hredel groomed Rudolf for a high position within the Holy Roman Empire. When the Germans were invited into Bohemia, however, Rudolfs sire encouraged the young Cainite to go – and seek the Princedom. It surprised both of them when he did so, becoming Prince of Prague soon after his arrival. His subjects, however, proved to be difficult to rule over. Between the power of the Premysl Dynasty, and the obstructionism of Ecaterina and her sympathizers, Brandl is growing more desperate. He sees the firm grip of his Praxis beginning to slip and has begun to consider less noble options for maintaing control.

Prince Rudolph Brandl

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