Lord Hardestadt

Ventrue Methuselah, Lord of the Fiefs of the Black Cross


Hardestadt the Elder was a renowned Ventrue elder who was already an established figure of power in the Holy Roman Empire during the Dark Ages. During the Dark Ages, his childe Jurgen served as his right-hand man in the Crusader States and in Livonia. In later centuries, he was a member of the coterie dubbed the Founders, who shepherded the foundation of the Camarilla; as a result, Hardestadt himself is often thought of as the founder of the sect.

Hardestadt the Elder was one of the Methuselahs involved in the War of the Princes during the Dark Ages. The “Black Monarch” held his Domain in the Fiefs of the Black Cross (to include Madgeburg, Cologne, Munich, Leipzig, Bavria, and fiefs along the Rhine River). His Domain was the seat of power for the Holy Roman Empire. Hardestadt was one of the first of Princes to enforce the Silence of Blood for all of those in his Domain with the threat of Final of Death during the War of the Princes. He originally put forward the idea of having vampiric society control mortals through secrecy, rather than blatant control. He strongly supports the Patriarch Movement, a traditionalist faction of Ventrue, which acknowledges Ventrue as the chosen leaders of vampiric society by divine right.

Lord Hardestadt

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